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US Airways and American Airlines with 50 % Buy Miles Bonus

American Airlines and US Airways get closer to merging and they are taking certain steps towards letting their clients link the frequent flyer accounts they have been using until now. US Airways and American Airlines are now providing a new promotion program on the buying of miles where the clients can get a bonus of up to 50 % until the end of January.

The new buy miles bonus program is similar to the one the companies had in November. According to the new program for buying miles, the more miles one buys, the more bonus miles one gets. Until the end of January, the travelers will earn up to 50 % bonus AAdvantage miles when they buy mileage or when they add bonus miles to their purchase as a gift to a friend. The total of AAdvantage miles that one can buy for oneself or as a gift amounts to 135 000.

The full potential of the new special bonus program of 50 % bonus miles is reached when the traveler buys 70 000 AA miles and gets 35 000 AA miles as a bonus.

The promotion offered at US Airways works almost the same – when travelers buy 70 – 80 000 American miles, they get the full 50 % bonus of 35 000 American miles. An important thing that travelers should know is that their frequent flyer account should be at least 12 days old in order to be considered eligible, according to the terms and conditions applied by the two airline companies – US Airways and American Airlines. Other things that should be known by the users are that the transactions of US Airways are processed by the certain points website and are not eligible for travel category. American Airlines though have own mileage purchases and if the traveler has Sapphire Preferred, they can earn 2 x points for one dollar. When the travelers possess Citi AAdvantage card then they can earn 2 x miles for one dollar.

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