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Things to do with a Million United Airline Miles

United Airline MilesYes, there are travelers who have in their name more than a million United Airline Miles and they have the freedom to use them in the best possible way. So what can these people do? Normally, they can sell united airlines miles or redeem united airlines miles, they can also organize themselves a trip to an exotic country and do it in stile – getting a free first class ticket and all the luxuries that go with it. These benefits might include very comfortable and spacious seats, complimentary beverages, priority check-in, security line access, baggage handling and so on.

People with such a great amount of United Airline Miles can take a trip to Europe and use their miles to travel in comfort and explore all the lovely countries there – Italy and Spain, France and England and so on. They can also go on a holiday to Hawaii or to the Caribbean and still be left with many extra miles in the account. A million United Airline Miles can buy you three round-trips to Japan if you fly business class with all the luxuries that come with that and still you will be left with 100 000 miles in the account.

The miles can buy upgrades on everything including the flight class of the ticket, the hotel room, the rental car and so on. Not to mention that many of the major airlines are in partnership with point-based websites. This means that the miles can be exchanged for points in other loyalty programs. Naturally, people can always trade their airline miles as well, sell miles to those travelers who do not have enough miles or redeem chase rewards. Whatever these people decide to do they should make most of the miles they have collected up to that very moment and be careful so they do not expire.


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