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Transcontinental Flight Upgraded With 12 500 Delta SkyMiles

8Many options are now available for enjoying a transcontinental flight, yet not many opportunities are given for redeeming a number of Delta miles. Since there is a great competition between the airline companies to transfer passengers between New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the airline companies are offering the frequent fliers the option to use their points. Not many of these airline companies however, are providing complimentary upgrades since many of the business fliers are willing to pay the full fare in order to get a bed seat for the long flights. With 12 500 miles from the Delta SkyMiles program however, travelers are now in the position to get an upgrade on their transcontinental flight.

Eligible Ticket Booking & Upgrading
In order to make an upgrade on the seat of Delta’s premium transcontinental flights, the travelers today need to book a ticket in class K or higher. That is worth to be done only if the flight will have an open Z class – this is a Delta One mileage/certificate upgrade. Information about that is provided by Delta Airline company. If so, the traveler can use his Delta SkyMiles Platinum Credit Card and get a bonus, then use the 60 000 SkyMiles on upgrade. When the ticket is booked, then Delta Reservations can be called and the 12 500 mile upgrade can be applied.

Upgrade Optimization
Travelers can make most of their upgrade as they choose a seat on one of the Delta transcontinental flights. It is a rule to book a flight operated on delta 767, if that is possible as it provides aisle access to the Delta One seats. And last, travelers should visit the Delta SkyClub before the flight. This is included in all transcontinental tickets with Delta One.

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