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Lufthansa Miles

Lufthansa MilesPeople who travel with Lufthansa often usually become members of the frequent flyer program of the company Miles & More. In fact, people can easily become members of the Miles & More program, as it is very easy. As members they start collecting Lufthansa Miles and later are entitled to get different rewards based on the number of the Lufthansa Miles that they have collected.

Travelers can easily register for the Miles & More frequent flyer program. The registration is free and the traveler can start earn miles immediately. The Lufthansa Miles can be collected in several status levels and each level enjoys various benefits and different privileges. Clients of the company who have a large number of Lufthansa Miles get more comfort, faster services and numerous privileges.

Lufthansa Miles that come from the Miles & More program are placed in several different levels and are valid for at least two years. The moment a traveler enrolls in the program he steps on the first level and becomes a Miles & More member with a plastic card. The Lufthansa Miles earned are credited to the mileage account of the member.

Once the Lufthansa Miles get many in number, the traveler can become a holder of a Frequent Traveler Card, a Senator Card and after that a Hon Circle Card. In case the Lufthansa Miles are up to 35 000 in number, the traveler is a holder of a Member Card. If the client has collected more than 35 000 Lufthansa Miles per one calendar year, he gets the car of the Frequent Traveler.  Those travelers who have managed to collect more than 100 000 Lufthansa Miles in only one calendar year get the Senator Card. The last level in the program Miles & More of this airline company is reached when the traveler gets Lufthansa Miles of up to 600 000 HON Circle miles that are earned in two consecutive years.

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