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How to Save on Baggage Fees

10Baggage fees can be very annoying and can pile up quickly, if travelers are not careful. Are there ways in which these baggage fees can be reduced? Let’s find out.

1. First things first – apply for a credit card with benefits. Some of the credit cards provide annual airline fee credits that cover the fees for checking the baggage. Amex Premier Rewards Gold provides a credit of 100 USD per one year for a selected airline. At the same time Amex Gold Delta SkyMiles offers free checking for the first bag. The same is valid for United Mileage Plus Explorer Card and for Citi Advantage Platinum Select.

2. Focus on the elite status on the frequent flyer programs. The elite status comes with the possibility for the bag fees to be waived. For example, the airline loyalty programs (for example, the AAdvantage program of American Airlines) provide free checking for one to three bags on every flight for the owners of Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum cards.

3. Free carry-on luggage. Many of the airlines do allow their passengers to bring a free carry-on luggage.

4. Pick the right airline. Travelers should know that the different airline companies apply different baggage prices. The major carriers charge around 50 USD for additional bags. It should be said that the airline policies concerning the bags change often, so before a booking is made, the traveler should make sure that he is aware of all the fees applied.

5. Make a plan. Planning always saves money to the travelers. There are many tools that people can use in order to maximize their savings on the baggage fees – weigh the bags, distribute the weight evenly, check the baggage at home.

6. Ship some of the items ahead. Some airline companies offer luggage shipment in advance, so that they can be in place upon the arrival of the passenger.

7. Invest in upgraded seat. When a passenger gets an upgraded seat, he also gets other benefits beside comfort. These could be free bag, free drink, etc.

8. Use lightweight luggage. Airline weight limits are a serious thing and that is why passengers should invest in light bags in order to avoid the overweight fees.

9. Check the bags at the gate. Airlines provide gate-check of the bags, which is good for avoiding surcharge.

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