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Wholesale Miles works with all major credit card companies, flyer programs, and hotel award programs. Below, you will see some of the reward programs we work with.

Sell My Miles For Cash

Travelers know about the frequent flyer programs that the different airline companies offer and they do collect them in order to get various benefits – either a free airplane ticket or a travel class upgrade. Those people who travel a lot have no difficulties collecting enough miles, yet there are other travelers who are not that frequent in flying. That is why these people often need to buy frequent flyer miles in order to get access to the various privileges.

 There are many myths that come along with the trade of airline miles. There are also many questions arising. How much miles do I need? Can I buy frequent flyer miles? Am I allowed to sell miles and to donate miles? In general, the airline companies are not happy with the people that ant to buy frequent flyer miles and those who want to sell miles. However, this procedure is not prohibited by the laws in the United States of America, except in the State of Utah. There are mileage brokerage companies which have excellent reputation like for example, Thanks to the professional brokers working there, people who sell miles can easily offer these miles to people who want to buy frequent flyer miles.

 People usually need to buy frequent flyer miles when they have collected few but not enough miles to get a free airplane ticket or to get a flight class upgrade. Those travelers can always buy frequent flyer miles yet they should know that they can also collect miles by purchasing various things and items with their credit cards. Yes, the shopping brings miles as well. Yet, if those miles are still not enough, then the traveler can buy frequent flyer miles using the services of mileage brokers of excellent reputation.


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Whole Sale Miles - Sell, Buy, Donate Your Miles Points For Frequent Flyers
Wholesale Miles was easy to work with and paid me well for my American Express Reward Points. I filled out the quote request, and they called me back within minutes. At the end of the day, the deal wa...