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Fly to Dubai With United: That’s a Deal!

9Travelers are now tempted with an interesting offer! It is for a flight to Dubai with United Airlines and the price asked for starts from as low as 636 USD. As a rule, the airfare deals are usually available only on certain dates. Since fares can quickly disappear, travelers who are on a hunt for a good deal should act quickly and take advantage of the offers as they come.

Among the recent deals that have to be considered are the flights from New York to Dubai on the planes of United Airlines, which are available for only 636 USD for the roundtrip. Other good options are flights from Chicago to Dubai, from Dallas to Dubai and from Huston to Dubai where the price is 686 USD for a roundtrip. Slightly higher in price are the flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Dubai where the price is 736 USD for a roundtrip. Travelers can make use of these special discounted air fares from September to March and should be aware that there is a limited availability for them during the summer months of June, July and August.

How an travelers maximize their purchase and earn additional points on their airfare purchases? This can happen in case they decide to use their credit cards when paying for the flights. The collection of flight miles can further be improved by buying miles and by buying Chase points whenever that is available and worth the cost. There will always be people with too many miles who want to sell miles they will not need.

Among the best credit cards that can secure a good number of additional points on the airfare purchases include the Citi Prestige Card that offers 3 x on the airfare, the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card (also providing 3 x on the airfare) and the Chase Sapphire Proffered Card that doubles all the travel purchases.

Among the excellent credit cards that could be used here is the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, which allow users to earn 40 000 bonus points as they spend 4000 USD on purchases in the first 3 months from the opening of their credit card account. This means a sum of 500 USD that could be used in travel for redeeming Chase rewards. Another 5 000 bonus airfare points can be earned after a purchase is made in the first three months from the opening of that account. The points double on dining and travelling in places that work with the Chase rewards. One to one point transfer is also available to leading frequent flight programs which come at a full value. That means that one thousand Chase Ultimate Rewards points will be equal to the same amount of partner miles and points.

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