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Combine Your Ultimate Rewards Points

The masters at the award travel know how important it is to learn how to move reward points and how to combine the reward points from the multiple accounts they have. Travelers should be aware that they can easily transfer their Chase Ultimate Rewards points from one account to the other. In general, the Ultimate Rewards program is flexible due to the valuable transfer partners, the option for booking and the ability to book different types of trip by using the Chase points. Now the points available by the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, by Chase Freedom Card and by the Ink Plus Business Card, the three taken as an example, can be combined to boost the balance. This aims to expand the redemption options of the traveler.

9The program allows transferring of Chase points to other travelers, which makes it even more flexible. This will allow for Chase points not going to waste. Travelers and owners of Chase points and miles should know that there are two main ways to transfer Ultimate Rewards points to the account of another person – to transfer the, to their Ultimate Rewards account and to transfer them to their partner loyal program.

Travelers need to know however, that Chase frequent flyers program has recently updated their Ultimate Rewards program terms and conditions. Now the program allows transferring of Chase miles and points only to: spouses and domestic partners, as well as to joint business owners. Travelers can lose their Chase points if they misuse the program and send their extra Chase miles to ineligible third parties.

People can transfer from one Ultimate Rewards Account to another by signing into the Chase account, clicking on the ‘Go To Ultimate Rewards’ and select the card that is to be accessed. Then the mouse should be placed over the point balance and the person should click on the “Combine Points” option. Once the holder selects and saves the account, then Continue should be clicked. The last option is review before submitting the details. After that the Ultimate Rewards points will be transferred.

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