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How To Upgrade From Premium Economy to Business on British Airways

8Travelers who are collecting Avios miles that are provided by the British Airways have several ways in which they can upgrade their status and number of available miles. One of these methods is to upgrade from Premium Economy to Business on British Airways and that is the biggest jump that can happen when price and value are in mind.

Naturally, travelers know that one of the best ways to use their Avios miles is to upgrade a paid ticket that they have already paid for. For example, travelers can use their Avios points to upgrade to the next cabin when they are flying with the planes of British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia.

Travelers should be aware, however that there is no option to upgrade the lowest economy fares they have purchased by using the Avios points. How should that be understood? For example, travelers can get upgrades from the following fare classes: J, C, D, Y, B” when they are travelling with American Airlines and Iberia, and classes J, C, D, R, I, W, E, T, Y, B, H when they are flying on the British Airways planes.

Those tourists who are buying Avios miles are aware that the number of Avios miles that they ned in order to get to the next class is based on the number of the Avios miles that are needed to book an award for the cabin they want to upgrade to minus the Avios miles requested for the booking of the seat in the cabin they have already booked at. Complicated? Check the example: If flying from New York to London and want to upgrade from Premium economy to Business class, the calculations would be 40 000 Avios miles for Business class minus 30 000 Avios for Premium Economy class, which is only 10 000 Avios in each direction.

How can someone upgrade the bookings that are already made? That is easy and can be done by logging into the BA account, then choosing Manage my Booking and then – Upgrade this flight with Avios miles. If travelers have not collected miles, they can always buy miles and use them to get upgrades. In case a new booking is to be done, the traveler should log into the Executive Club account and then book through the option “Book and Upgrade” in search for an award.

British Airways Top Redemptions

There are several main redemptions available by British Airways, provided for the Avios miles that travelers have. Get an idea which are they?

71. Flying with Aer Lingus from Boston and New York to Dublin. That is a fantastic frequent-flyer program. British Airways uses here the distance based redemption formula and the mileage needed for the award depends on the distance that is flown. Among the best options here is to fly from Boston or New York to Dublin using the services of the non-alliance partner of British Airways – Aer Lingus. By doing that travelers avoid the high fuel charges.

2. Air Berlin to Europe. That is another good option to reach Europe using the Avios miles and staying away from the fuel surcharges and the taxes applied. The awards here can be booked on the website of British Airways.

3. Short-haul flights in North America. The distance based award chart of British Airways Avios means that some of the finest redemption values can come from the short-haul flights. They start at 4500 Avios for each way for flights that are under 600 miles. Some of the best flight options here include New Tork to Washington, New York to Montreal, as well as Avios points used for flights to the Caribbean.

4. LAN to South America – that is the fourth good option for using one’s Avios points. That is possible due to the airline’s alliance partnership with LAN and TAM.

5. US West Coast to Hawaii – with that option the travelers will be charged only 12 500 miles from the British Airways Avios, in each way in economy class. That is opposed to 22 500 United or Delta miles and 17 500 American miles. Experts say that even better than using Avios on American flights to Hawaii is the option to use them with Alaska Airlines.

British Airways Avios and How to Redeem them

6Once American Express started offering to British Airways 40 % transfer bonus since the end of January, travelers started asking which the best ways in order to redeem these bonus airline miles are. It happens for British Airways Avios to get some negative reviews due to the fuel charges that are high. Yet, the Avios keep their status as a valuable mileage currency. That is so since there are many factors such as the award chart based on the distance, the airline partners and the different types of awards and upgrades. This is what travelers need to know about the Avios points and the options for selling miles and buying miles.

The airline partners of British Airways Avios are many, as the air-carrier is part of the Oneworld organization. Further to that, there are other partners of the airline company that travelers can earn miles and redeem miles from. The partners of Oneworld include Air Berlin and American Airlines, Finnair and Iberia, Cathay Pacific and JAL, Malaysia Airlines and LAN, Qantas and Qatar Airways, US Airways and Sri Lankan, S7 and Royal Jordanian. Other airline companies include Aer Lingus, Meridana, as well as Alaska Airlines.

How can people maximize British Airways Avios? There are detailed series on ways to maximize British Airways Avios. Travelers that are interested in the various redemption options or want to improve their mileage strategy should read about these series. Those people who have British Airways Avios can easily use them as the company acts a transfer partner to three major programs that can transfer points and these include Ultimate Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards, Chase and Starwood Preferred Guest. Thus travelers who have cards from Amex can transfer points at 1:1 ratio and use the 40 % transfer bonus. In order to get Chase Ultimate Rewards, travelers should have Sapphire Preferred cards.

The US Airways Open and American Standard and the Awards AAnytime

5Most of the travelers already know that US Airways and American Airlines plan to merge and this will lead to merging of their bonus and miles programs. Namely, these are the AAdvantage and Dividend Miles, which are about to become one program in the second quarter of 2015. Today travelers can already book saver awards on both of the airlines while using the available and collected flight miles available from the two partner airlines. The result now is that travelers can book the American AAnytime awards by using US Airways miles and US Airways Standard awards if they have collected a good number of American Airlines miles.

Naturally, this is a very good option for those travelers who have many airline miles and want to grab the special awards when they can. In fact, these travelers know that the standard awards are used to cost double the amount applied to the saver awards for most of the airline programs. Yet, this was valid before American changed their mileage redemption levels in April.

Currently are to be found five tiers that concern the awards on American Airlines and US Airways companies. The Domestic MileSAAver awards give 12,500 miles each way in economy class and 25 000 miles in business class or in first class. Two additional AAnytime award levels are available the 20 000 and 30000 flight miles each way in economy class, and the 45 000 – 55 000 air flight miles in business or first class.

Another piece of really good news that should be mentioned is that American has waiving the phone booking fees. This means that there will not be award ticketing service charges for the bookings that cannot be made on the website. Since February American Airlines will be charging higher phone ticketing service fees for the domestic itineraries and for the international itineraries, which for the online booking is available.

Online Chat to Score 100 000 Amex Sign-Up Offers

4Several days ago some very tempting sign up offers emerged on the market, provided for the holders of the American Express Platinum Card. The sign up offers includes scoring 100 000 Amex membership rewards points through the online chat feature. The holders of American Express Credit Cards should know that these extra 100 000 Amex points are available only to those of them who have a platinum card and are not available for the other holders of American Express Credit Cards.

The good offers that some of the users received for a larger bonus were provided by chatting with the representatives of the Customer Service of Amex credit cards. This offer for a good bonus however, is not offered to everyone who is chatting with the Amex Customer Service representatives and it still remains unclear why some people get access to these online chat 100 000 Amex points bonuses and others do not have that luck. To sum things up – those car holders who do not possess an Amex Platinum card have their hope that larger Amex points sign-up bonuses are to come their way any time soon. Those who want to get a card now, can use the current offer and add the 100 000 sign-up bonus of 100 000 Amex points directly into their account.

The American Express Platinum Card provides 40 000 points once the user has spent 3000 USD on purchases in the first three months from owing the card. The card provides up to 200 USD airline fee credit per year. No foreign transaction fees are allowed with purchases made on the Platinum Card. Another extra here is the Platinum Card Concierge, which is the personal resource to each user to get a special gift or to secure a last minute restaurant reservation.

British Airways: Comparing Long-haul in Business Class Vs. Short-haul in Economy Class

3British Airways provides various long-haul and short-haul flights to different destinations around the world. It does offer transatlantic flight services to a number of US cities as well and the award availabilities that it provides are quite decent.  With the changes coming which concern the off-peak and on peak travel an award flight from the city of Denver to the city of London (currently being 100 000 Avios for a round trip in business class) will soon be 125 000 Avious for the off-peak flight and 150 000 Avios for the peak period.

The advantage that the holders of British Airways travel card had for the off-peak awards is now neutralized. This means that in case the members of AAdvantage and the Dividend Miles cards get access to the award seats of British Airways, the US cards and the AA cards will have an even greater advantage over the British Airways card. And that is even without considering the bonus categories that the Aviator Silver Card provides. Travelers know that Avios have always been worth less that the US miles and the AA miles unless when they are used on select partners, which do not impose fuel surcharges. That includes partner companies such as Air Berlin, Aer Lingus, Alaska, LAN, and US Airways and American Airlines flights within the Americas.  Due to that the devaluation makes Avios more inferior to the US miles and the AA miles.

The British Airways Visa card holders will get good value out of their redemptions when they are into short-haul flights in economy class. The awards for the one-way economy flights under 650 miles would be 4500 Avios each day, compared to the flights up to 1 151 miles where the award is 7500 points. The program of the British Airways remains superior if compared to the programs of US Airways, Alaska and American.  British Airways offers several round-trip flights for 9 000,  15 000 and 20 000 miles, which cost fewer points than the standard domestic award on US Airways, Alaska and American.  Further it should be said that when a certain traditional airline award zone is crossed, for example flights to the Caribbean, Central America or Hawaii, the distance based awards can offer tickets for as low as the fraction of the cost.

The devaluation is beneficial for the travelers who use Avios for premium class awards and has no effect on the economy redemptions for short-haul flights on US Airways, Alaska and American. Thus, in case you use British Airways Visa in order to save for a business class ticket for an overseas flight, then you should think about switching to Citi Advantage Card and US Airways card.

The Alternative to the British Airways Avios

2The devaluation of the premium class partner awards from British Airways happened on 28th April 2015 and ever since the Chase points are far less valuable for the holders of these cards even when these Chase points are being used without payment of the fuel charges. It should be pointed out however that the economy class partner awards will remain unchanged and will still offer a great value for the money paid.

 Those travelers, who have been using Avios for the premium class rewards on the carriers Oneworld, should now look for other options. They might apply here the US Airways or the American Airlines Card Strategy. Currently, Barclay Card offers US Airways Premier World MasterCard and secures a bonus for signing up at 50 000 points. The dividend miles come after the first purchase and the payment of the annual fee of 89 USD. That card doubles the miles on the American Airlines and the US Airways purchases and costs the standard one mile per dollar.

Once the American and US Airways merge later this year, the miles will be available for AAdvantage award redemptions. The cardholders will be offered one of the American Airline Aviator Cards. For example, the AAdvantage Aviator Silver card secures 3x miles on US and AA purchases and 2x miles on hotel and car rental purchases. It also provides 5000 elite qualifying miles for each 20 000 USD spent annually, as well as 10% of the redeemed miles back. This card has an annual fee of 195 USD.

In fact, American Airlines has several credit card options, which are co-branded. Yet, the one that is most similar to US Airways and to the BA Visa is the so called City AAdvantage Platinum Select World Mastrcard. That card provides a sign-up bonus of 50 000 AAdvantage miles once the holder spends 3 000 USD in the first three months. Then the holder can get 2x miles per dollar on all American Airlines purchases and one mile elsewhere, plus a free checked bag and priority boarding, as well as a 10% mileage refund on awards that could be up to 10 000 miles each year.

British Airways Avios and Their Devaluation

1Experts confess that in the game encouraging travelers to buy miles and points, the devaluations are inevitable. However, when we use them properly, then we can maximize our travel rewards. Two months ago British Airways seriously disappointed its clients by announcing a major devaluation of the popular Avios points set for the end of April. Some of the lowlights of the changes included 50 % increase in the board on the premium class partner awards, which are the only option for avoiding the fuel charges.

It should be mention however to those that buy airline miles that the premium class partner awards remain untouched and keep their value. Naturally, the changes announced by the company made many holders of the Chase credit cards question their loyalty. For that reason today we are looking at what British Airways Visa have to offer and whether the holders of Chase cards and those who are buying and selling Chase points should consider the British Airways Visa and the option to buy Amex points and to earn miles from the American Airlines and the US Airways instead.

 The British Airways Visa card from Chase provides a sign-up bonus of 50 000 points when the holder makes 2000 USD in purchases within a period of three months. The annual fee for this Chase points card is 95 USD and it is waived for the first year. Then the cardholders can earn 2.5 points for each dollar that is spent on British Airways and respectfully 1.25 points for each dollar that is spend elsewhere. According to people who buy Chase points and people that sell Chase points, that is a higher rate of return than the standard one mile or one point per dollar that is offered by most of the airline cards.

Flying Blue Account: How to Make Most of It

Flying Blue Account How to Make Most of ItTravelers who are taking part in the Flying Blue frequent flyer program are aware that there are certain ways in which they can top up their frequent flyer program accounts. Those of the users who wish to take advantage of the new awards that come as promotions but at the same time do not have enough flight miles or actually Flying Blue awards, can do several different things to earn them and then use them for transfers.

The users of the Flying Blue program should know that they work on a 1:1transfer program with theloyalty program of American Express cards known as Amex Membership Rewards. The Platinum card has an annual fee of 450 USD and currently it can provide a sign-up bonus of 40 000 points or flight miles since you spend 3 000 USD during the first 3 months of activating it. At the same time Everyday Preferred card comes with annual fee of 95 USD but secures 15 000 points or flight miles if the holder spends 1 000 USD in the first 90 days. 

 At the same time, the Flying Blue frequent flyer program is 1:1 transfer partner to the program Starwood Preferred Guest. This program provides a 5 000 flight miles bonus on transferring of 20 000 points. Based on the current Promo Awards rate, a traveler can book a round-trip economy award ticket to Europe for only 20 000 Starpoints. There is also a sign-up bonus for the business and personal cards of the Starwood Preferred Guest program that comes from American Express and it is 25 000 points or flight miles, in case the use spends 5 000 USD in half a year.

The frequent flyer program Flying Blue further is 1:1 transfer partner to Citi ThankYou Cards that allows users to transfer points to airline partners. The sign-up bonus here is 50 000 points or flight miles – 20 000 points after spending 2 000 USD in the first three months, and another 30 000 after spending 3 000 USD in the first three months of the second year of being a member.

50% off Flying Blue Promo Awards by Air France KLM in April and May

Flying Blue Promo Awards by Air France KLM in April and MayThe SkyTeam partners mileage program Flying Blue (including the airline companies Air France, KLM and Air Europa) is offering special promo awards each month. Thanks to these promo awards travelers who have collected enough flight miles have the chance to book award flights on some routes and in some of the cabins for half the flight miles they will normally need under normal circumstances. On the promo award page of Flying Blue frequent flyer program are enlisted all awards and the flight miles they could be get for.

Travelers should know that even if Air France is a partner of Delta Air Lines, travelers can book the awards through Delta SkyMiles. Currently, the award list of the program is valid for the period between the first day of April and the last day of May 2015. The options now include flights from Boston to Europe on Air France, from Chicago to Europe on KLM, from Dallas to Europe on KLM and so on. The awards are with 25 – 50 % discount on economy class, which is estimated in a different amount of flight miles for each of the awards.

 Travelers say that the awards that the frequent flyer program Flying Blue provides are not that exciting as the other promo awards of Air France, which include 50 % off the business class flights from several large cities in the United States, these awards are still providing great savings. Some of the special awards that need to be mentioned here include 50% off the economy flights from Dallas to Europe in exchange of 12 500 miles, or the redemption of 25% from Washington D.C., Boston, and Dallas to Europe in exchange of 18 750 miles each way.

Travelers are making most of the awards they get access to now and are already looking to the new awards that will be offered to them ahead.