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US Airways and American Airlines with 50 % Buy Miles Bonus

American Airlines and US Airways get closer to merging and they are taking certain steps towards letting their clients link the frequent flyer accounts they have been using until now. US Airways and American Airlines are now providing a new promotion program on the buying of miles where the clients can get a bonus of up to 50 % until the end of January.

The new buy miles bonus program is similar to the one the companies had in November. According to the new program for buying miles, the more miles one buys, the more bonus miles one gets. Until the end of January, the travelers will earn up to 50 % bonus AAdvantage miles when they buy mileage or when they add bonus miles to their purchase as a gift to a friend. The total of AAdvantage miles that one can buy for oneself or as a gift amounts to 135 000.

The full potential of the new special bonus program of 50 % bonus miles is reached when the traveler buys 70 000 AA miles and gets 35 000 AA miles as a bonus.

The promotion offered at US Airways works almost the same – when travelers buy 70 – 80 000 American miles, they get the full 50 % bonus of 35 000 American miles. An important thing that travelers should know is that their frequent flyer account should be at least 12 days old in order to be considered eligible, according to the terms and conditions applied by the two airline companies – US Airways and American Airlines. Other things that should be known by the users are that the transactions of US Airways are processed by the certain points website and are not eligible for travel category. American Airlines though have own mileage purchases and if the traveler has Sapphire Preferred, they can earn 2 x points for one dollar. When the travelers possess Citi AAdvantage card then they can earn 2 x miles for one dollar.

How to Save on Baggage Fees

10Baggage fees can be very annoying and can pile up quickly, if travelers are not careful. Are there ways in which these baggage fees can be reduced? Let’s find out.

1. First things first – apply for a credit card with benefits. Some of the credit cards provide annual airline fee credits that cover the fees for checking the baggage. Amex Premier Rewards Gold provides a credit of 100 USD per one year for a selected airline. At the same time Amex Gold Delta SkyMiles offers free checking for the first bag. The same is valid for United Mileage Plus Explorer Card and for Citi Advantage Platinum Select.

2. Focus on the elite status on the frequent flyer programs. The elite status comes with the possibility for the bag fees to be waived. For example, the airline loyalty programs (for example, the AAdvantage program of American Airlines) provide free checking for one to three bags on every flight for the owners of Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum cards.

3. Free carry-on luggage. Many of the airlines do allow their passengers to bring a free carry-on luggage.

4. Pick the right airline. Travelers should know that the different airline companies apply different baggage prices. The major carriers charge around 50 USD for additional bags. It should be said that the airline policies concerning the bags change often, so before a booking is made, the traveler should make sure that he is aware of all the fees applied.

5. Make a plan. Planning always saves money to the travelers. There are many tools that people can use in order to maximize their savings on the baggage fees – weigh the bags, distribute the weight evenly, check the baggage at home.

6. Ship some of the items ahead. Some airline companies offer luggage shipment in advance, so that they can be in place upon the arrival of the passenger.

7. Invest in upgraded seat. When a passenger gets an upgraded seat, he also gets other benefits beside comfort. These could be free bag, free drink, etc.

8. Use lightweight luggage. Airline weight limits are a serious thing and that is why passengers should invest in light bags in order to avoid the overweight fees.

9. Check the bags at the gate. Airlines provide gate-check of the bags, which is good for avoiding surcharge.

Transcontinental Flight Upgraded With 12 500 Delta SkyMiles

8Many options are now available for enjoying a transcontinental flight, yet not many opportunities are given for redeeming a number of Delta miles. Since there is a great competition between the airline companies to transfer passengers between New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the airline companies are offering the frequent fliers the option to use their points. Not many of these airline companies however, are providing complimentary upgrades since many of the business fliers are willing to pay the full fare in order to get a bed seat for the long flights. With 12 500 miles from the Delta SkyMiles program however, travelers are now in the position to get an upgrade on their transcontinental flight.

Eligible Ticket Booking & Upgrading
In order to make an upgrade on the seat of Delta’s premium transcontinental flights, the travelers today need to book a ticket in class K or higher. That is worth to be done only if the flight will have an open Z class – this is a Delta One mileage/certificate upgrade. Information about that is provided by Delta Airline company. If so, the traveler can use his Delta SkyMiles Platinum Credit Card and get a bonus, then use the 60 000 SkyMiles on upgrade. When the ticket is booked, then Delta Reservations can be called and the 12 500 mile upgrade can be applied.

Upgrade Optimization
Travelers can make most of their upgrade as they choose a seat on one of the Delta transcontinental flights. It is a rule to book a flight operated on delta 767, if that is possible as it provides aisle access to the Delta One seats. And last, travelers should visit the Delta SkyClub before the flight. This is included in all transcontinental tickets with Delta One.

AmEx Plenti Shopping Rewards and Maximization of Purchases

7New platform for earning and redeeming points – that is how the AmEx Plenti Shopping Rewards are perceived. This recently introduced rewards program works with many brands and has a great value. That is a multi-partner loyalty program that is free to join. Among the partners of the rewards program of Plenti points are AT&T, Macy’s, Nationwide Insurance, Exxon, Mobil, Rite Aid, Direct Energy, Hulu. Recently added have been the car rental companies Enterprise, Alamo and National. Amex plans to include other brands as well, which clients interact with often. The company offers an online marketplace as well with many special offers.

Earning points with AmEx Plenti Shopping Rewards includes a minimum of one point per each dollar spent and even ore points for certain special purchases. The Plenti points come in an addition to the other points that a traveler might earn in the retailer’s program. Travelers can redeem points with purchases from all partners of Plenti at a rate that is at least one cent per point.

AmEx Plenti Shopping Rewards and Membership Rewards
Is there connection between the new rewards program offered by American Express and the valuable Membership rewards program allowing transfer of points to 20 airline can hotel partner companies? Yes, such connection exists, but it only allows users to transfer points from the Membership Rewards to Plenti program and not in the other direction. The number of the Membership Rewards points that can be transferred is 500 and the Plenti points earned in that case is 400. This is not a good deal, right? The best thing that travelers can do here is to transfer Membership Rewards points to airline miles or to hotel points and then use them while traveling.

The Plenti Credit Card
American Express has released the Plenti Credit Card as well, which provides a sign-up bonus of 2500 Plenti points once250 USD have been spend within the first three months and also offers one Plenti Point for each dollar that is spend.

Final thoughts
It seems that the Plenti credit card and the Plenti rewards program are not targeted at the travel rewards market. That is so as the launch partners are not related to traveling. In fact, Plenti program is aimed more at the retail shoppers, who are not that engaged in the loyalty programs. The new program cannot be competitive to the other travel reward programs and travel rewards credit cards. Yet, the new Plenti program provides interesting online deals that can be beneficial to the travelers. The best value of this new rewards program however, comes from the promotions and bonuses offered.

The Delta SkyMiles Upgrade Award Chart

Delta Airlines are well known for the good product that the company offers, yet its frequent flyer program has been questioned lately. Here we will discuss on the best options that this frequent flyer program provides. There are ways in which the SkyMiles can be redeemed for and still get a great value on upgraded flights in first class and in business class.

6There are two methods of redeeming Delta Miles – the first one allows the owner to confirm an upgrade during the booking process. In other words, travelers use the miles to cover the distance in the cost between economy and first class or business class. The second one allows the owner to redeem a flat mileage amount to make an upgrade that is based on the destination of the flight. Delta here requires users that wish to upgrade their international flights, to purchase fare classes that are too high. Thus, the best ways in which a traveler can use SkyMiles to upgrade include:

1. Last minute flights.
Delta allows confirmation of the last minute flight, upgrades are possible from coach to first class flights delights using the miles collected. Having cash in the pocket and getting first class treatment is a great way for redeeming the miles.

2. Transcontinental flights.
These flights provide a very god option for upgrading of the fight with miles. The traveler needs the same number of miles (always 12 500) and a fare class (usually K or higher) in order to upgrade from economy class to first class. Travelers should know that the availability on the popular routes is not great, however the other routes are with better popularity.

3. High-fare Low-fare Economy On Way
This is a good option using the miles to upgrade and it is done like that – the traveler books a round trip flight with outbound in Y, B, M and then gets a return in the lowest coach. This booking will require a call to the airline company.

As a conclusion it should be said that SkyMiles program has lost plenty of its appeal in the last few years, however there is still value in it. Even if not that flexible as before, the frequency flyer program of Delta still offers flights in style thanks to the mileage upgrade option.

American Express: When to Use it During Travel?

4Those travelers that are keen on collecting miles and points are always figuring out where to purchase travel itineraries from, in order to get maximum rewards. AmEx Travel has made certain changes in the past year as well as different benefits related with the American Express cards and the points that can be earned from them known as Membership Rewards points. So, what should the travelers know?

The Cost
In general, American Express is not offering low prices and it charges on booking everyone except the holders of Amex Platinum Card. Travelers should be aware that the airfare and the ‘flight plus hotel’ deals made online require a fee of 6.99 USD for a domestic flight and 10.99 USD for an international flight. When the traveler makes cruise or hotel booking separately than the airfare booking, then no booking fees are applied. To cut things short Amex Travel can offer you some good deals, but most probably that will not be the best rate.

The Service
American Express Travel provides a very good service. The connection with an assistant is easy and the help is guaranteed.

Cruise and Hotel Benefits
American Express Travel does provide various benefits to attract clients. These might include special gratuities or bonus dinner, etc. It should be pointed out that booking through American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts option allows travelers to get an early check-in and late check-out, as well as Wi Fi, room upgrades, free breakfast, etc. While getting all these benefits, at the same time the traveler is still earning elite stats points and hotel points.

Holders of American Express Credit Cards
All people can book trips through the Amex Travel option. Yet, the holders of American express credit cards get an extra service. The membership rewards cards can earn one additional point for every dollar that is spent when making a booking travel with American Express. In other words Amex bills that as double points. However it does not offer a double earning on the spending category.

At the same time, the holders of American Express Premier Rewards Gold cards provide an extra 4 points for each dollar spent when a booking is made through Amex Travel, as the card gets 3 times more points for each dollar on the flights that are booked directly with the airlines.

June 2015 – Which are the Best Travel Rewards Credit Card Offers

3Travelers and holders of different credit cards are aware that the loyalty programs change all the time. There are hotel points to be collected, frequent flyer miles to be checked and sign-up bonuses to be taken. Users are also aware that the offers today might not be available tomorrow. So, what should they do to get the best travel award strategy?

In order to maximize the already collected miles and points, travelers should be well informed and up to date with the situation on the credit card marketplace and should keep in mind all the changes that happen in order to take advantage of the new deals. Some websites make compilations on the best travel rewards credit card offers available at the current moment and all travelers and holders of credit cards should do, is to read that information.

The credit cards that keep a consistent and great benefits and offer constant bonus opportunities are two and these are Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard. Even so, things here change constantly and each month there might be a great new offer and a bonus valid for just a limited-time. On the website of TPG Hot Deals, travelers can find a list with the best current deals that are available. By checking the monthly updates and the latest offers, travelers will always be able to act accordingly.

Some of the best deals when it comes to collection of miles and points, are provided by the following Credit Cards:
1. American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles Card
2. Gold Delta SkyMiles (Business) Credit Card
3. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
4. Citi ThankYou Premier Card
5. Citi Prestige
6. American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card
7. Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard
8. Chase Ink Plus Business Card
9. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard
10. Wyndham Rewards Visa

The Top 3 Credit Cards to Use in the Summer of 2015

UntitledPeople usually carry at least two credit cards with them and in many cases even more than two. Almost each and every credit card company now tries to offer unique and as many benefits as possible in order to keep its clients and to get new ones. The credit card companies often offer extra points that go along with certain hotel chains including lounge access and no foreign transaction fees.  Let’s us try and see which are the best offers for credit cards in the summer of 2015? The credit cards that we have picked provide not only huge sign-up bonuses, but also various extras that come handy when planning a trip.

 1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. It comes with a bonus of 40 000 points when purchases worth 4000 USD are made in the first three months from the ownership of the card. Then, another 5000 bonus points are possible if a second cardholder is added and a purchase is made in the next three months. Among the other benefits that the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card offers are double points on dining and travel, no fees on foreign transactions, auto rental insurance, option for transferring points to 11 travel partners including but not limited to United, Southwest, British Airways, Hyatt and Marriott. There is also an option to triple the points earned on the first Friday of the month. The card comes with an annual fee of 95 USD for the first year.

 2.Citi ThankYou Premier Card. That credit card guarantees a bonus of 50 000ThankYou points if the holder spends 3000 USD during the first three months from possessing the card. The additional bonuses include 3 points earned per one dollar spent on travel and gas and 2 points earned per each dollar spent on entertainment and dining. Citi ThankYou Premier Card is in partnership with 12 transfer partners, which include Air France/KLM Flying Blue, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, and Hilton HHonors. The card uses new technologies and applies no foreign transaction fees. The annual fee for using the card is 95 USD for the first year.

 3. American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card. This card offers a bonus of 25 000 reward points for the members once they spend 2000 USD on purchases using the card in the first three months. Some of the credit card holders also get sign-up bonuses of 50 000 points using the CardMatch Tool. The benefits here include tripling of the credit card points spend on flights that are booked directly with the airlines and double points on groceries and gas, as well as one point per each dollar spent on other purchases. Since the beginning of June the AmEx card also offers double points on dining. That card comes with an annual fee of 175 USD, which is waived for the first year.

Combine Your Ultimate Rewards Points

The masters at the award travel know how important it is to learn how to move reward points and how to combine the reward points from the multiple accounts they have. Travelers should be aware that they can easily transfer their Chase Ultimate Rewards points from one account to the other. In general, the Ultimate Rewards program is flexible due to the valuable transfer partners, the option for booking and the ability to book different types of trip by using the Chase points. Now the points available by the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, by Chase Freedom Card and by the Ink Plus Business Card, the three taken as an example, can be combined to boost the balance. This aims to expand the redemption options of the traveler.

9The program allows transferring of Chase points to other travelers, which makes it even more flexible. This will allow for Chase points not going to waste. Travelers and owners of Chase points and miles should know that there are two main ways to transfer Ultimate Rewards points to the account of another person – to transfer the, to their Ultimate Rewards account and to transfer them to their partner loyal program.

Travelers need to know however, that Chase frequent flyers program has recently updated their Ultimate Rewards program terms and conditions. Now the program allows transferring of Chase miles and points only to: spouses and domestic partners, as well as to joint business owners. Travelers can lose their Chase points if they misuse the program and send their extra Chase miles to ineligible third parties.

People can transfer from one Ultimate Rewards Account to another by signing into the Chase account, clicking on the ‘Go To Ultimate Rewards’ and select the card that is to be accessed. Then the mouse should be placed over the point balance and the person should click on the “Combine Points” option. Once the holder selects and saves the account, then Continue should be clicked. The last option is review before submitting the details. After that the Ultimate Rewards points will be transferred.

Fly to Dubai With United: That’s a Deal!

9Travelers are now tempted with an interesting offer! It is for a flight to Dubai with United Airlines and the price asked for starts from as low as 636 USD. As a rule, the airfare deals are usually available only on certain dates. Since fares can quickly disappear, travelers who are on a hunt for a good deal should act quickly and take advantage of the offers as they come.

Among the recent deals that have to be considered are the flights from New York to Dubai on the planes of United Airlines, which are available for only 636 USD for the roundtrip. Other good options are flights from Chicago to Dubai, from Dallas to Dubai and from Huston to Dubai where the price is 686 USD for a roundtrip. Slightly higher in price are the flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Dubai where the price is 736 USD for a roundtrip. Travelers can make use of these special discounted air fares from September to March and should be aware that there is a limited availability for them during the summer months of June, July and August.

How an travelers maximize their purchase and earn additional points on their airfare purchases? This can happen in case they decide to use their credit cards when paying for the flights. The collection of flight miles can further be improved by buying miles and by buying Chase points whenever that is available and worth the cost. There will always be people with too many miles who want to sell miles they will not need.

Among the best credit cards that can secure a good number of additional points on the airfare purchases include the Citi Prestige Card that offers 3 x on the airfare, the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card (also providing 3 x on the airfare) and the Chase Sapphire Proffered Card that doubles all the travel purchases.

Among the excellent credit cards that could be used here is the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, which allow users to earn 40 000 bonus points as they spend 4000 USD on purchases in the first 3 months from the opening of their credit card account. This means a sum of 500 USD that could be used in travel for redeeming Chase rewards. Another 5 000 bonus airfare points can be earned after a purchase is made in the first three months from the opening of that account. The points double on dining and travelling in places that work with the Chase rewards. One to one point transfer is also available to leading frequent flight programs which come at a full value. That means that one thousand Chase Ultimate Rewards points will be equal to the same amount of partner miles and points.