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Buy Air France Miles and Discover the Lovely Paris

Air France MilesParis has always been among the top three travel destinations on the planet. There are many airline companies that offer connections to the capital of France with the national carrier Air France being among them. The company has provided various frequent flyer programs through the years and the passengers are well informed about the collection of Air France Miles and what these miles can offer them.

In fact, there are people who travel a lot with Air France to various other destinations as well and these people are plenty of miles that come as extra to them and they do not need them. These passengers can now sell miles by contacting trustworthy mileage brokers such as On the other hand, there are people who are short of some miles to get the free ticket they need. These people can buy miles using the services of the same company and the experts who work there.

When the trade of airline miles is properly done and the miles are in place, then the traveler can use these Air France Miles and get a free ticket or an upgrade to a more comfortable trip in the First Class or in the Business Class. For example, the bought miles can be spent on seat plus, which is now available on all flights of Air France. Air France Miles can now get seat plus in the Economy and in the Premium Economy cabins, during the short- and medium-haul flights and these seats will guarantee them more legroom. This option was once only available on the long-haul flights.

The miles can also be used for other services as well, such as renting a car or booking a hotel while in Paris. They could further be used for booking a guided tour of Paris done on electric bicycles. The travelers can choose from day tours that last for four hours or night tours that last for three hours. These tours cost the passengers approximately 15 000 award miles.


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Whole Sale Miles - Sell, Buy, Donate Your Miles Points For Frequent Flyers
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