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AmEx Plenti Shopping Rewards and Maximization of Purchases

7New platform for earning and redeeming points – that is how the AmEx Plenti Shopping Rewards are perceived. This recently introduced rewards program works with many brands and has a great value. That is a multi-partner loyalty program that is free to join. Among the partners of the rewards program of Plenti points are AT&T, Macy’s, Nationwide Insurance, Exxon, Mobil, Rite Aid, Direct Energy, Hulu. Recently added have been the car rental companies Enterprise, Alamo and National. Amex plans to include other brands as well, which clients interact with often. The company offers an online marketplace as well with many special offers.

Earning points with AmEx Plenti Shopping Rewards includes a minimum of one point per each dollar spent and even ore points for certain special purchases. The Plenti points come in an addition to the other points that a traveler might earn in the retailer’s program. Travelers can redeem points with purchases from all partners of Plenti at a rate that is at least one cent per point.

AmEx Plenti Shopping Rewards and Membership Rewards
Is there connection between the new rewards program offered by American Express and the valuable Membership rewards program allowing transfer of points to 20 airline can hotel partner companies? Yes, such connection exists, but it only allows users to transfer points from the Membership Rewards to Plenti program and not in the other direction. The number of the Membership Rewards points that can be transferred is 500 and the Plenti points earned in that case is 400. This is not a good deal, right? The best thing that travelers can do here is to transfer Membership Rewards points to airline miles or to hotel points and then use them while traveling.

The Plenti Credit Card
American Express has released the Plenti Credit Card as well, which provides a sign-up bonus of 2500 Plenti points once250 USD have been spend within the first three months and also offers one Plenti Point for each dollar that is spend.

Final thoughts
It seems that the Plenti credit card and the Plenti rewards program are not targeted at the travel rewards market. That is so as the launch partners are not related to traveling. In fact, Plenti program is aimed more at the retail shoppers, who are not that engaged in the loyalty programs. The new program cannot be competitive to the other travel reward programs and travel rewards credit cards. Yet, the new Plenti program provides interesting online deals that can be beneficial to the travelers. The best value of this new rewards program however, comes from the promotions and bonuses offered.

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