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American Express: When to Use it During Travel?

4Those travelers that are keen on collecting miles and points are always figuring out where to purchase travel itineraries from, in order to get maximum rewards. AmEx Travel has made certain changes in the past year as well as different benefits related with the American Express cards and the points that can be earned from them known as Membership Rewards points. So, what should the travelers know?

The Cost
In general, American Express is not offering low prices and it charges on booking everyone except the holders of Amex Platinum Card. Travelers should be aware that the airfare and the ‘flight plus hotel’ deals made online require a fee of 6.99 USD for a domestic flight and 10.99 USD for an international flight. When the traveler makes cruise or hotel booking separately than the airfare booking, then no booking fees are applied. To cut things short Amex Travel can offer you some good deals, but most probably that will not be the best rate.

The Service
American Express Travel provides a very good service. The connection with an assistant is easy and the help is guaranteed.

Cruise and Hotel Benefits
American Express Travel does provide various benefits to attract clients. These might include special gratuities or bonus dinner, etc. It should be pointed out that booking through American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts option allows travelers to get an early check-in and late check-out, as well as Wi Fi, room upgrades, free breakfast, etc. While getting all these benefits, at the same time the traveler is still earning elite stats points and hotel points.

Holders of American Express Credit Cards
All people can book trips through the Amex Travel option. Yet, the holders of American express credit cards get an extra service. The membership rewards cards can earn one additional point for every dollar that is spent when making a booking travel with American Express. In other words Amex bills that as double points. However it does not offer a double earning on the spending category.

At the same time, the holders of American Express Premier Rewards Gold cards provide an extra 4 points for each dollar spent when a booking is made through Amex Travel, as the card gets 3 times more points for each dollar on the flights that are booked directly with the airlines.

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